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Welcome to Our Office


Dr. Steiner and staff welcome you and your entire family to our dental facility in Aventura, FL.

When you have a specific dental problem, it is better to receive a treatment by a specialist in that subject. 

 I am an endodontist. Endodontics is the dental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. I have special training and equipment that helps me analyze your root canal problem and implement the correct solution faster and with greater success rates than 99% of general dentists.

Statistics have shown that the success rate of a root canal is about 89% if the patient complies with the treatment plan. The highest success rates are predictably in the hands of the specialists.

Our office maintains a 95% success rate – it would be higher if we didn’t take on so many tough cases but we pride ourselves on finding a way to treat anyone who needs us.

I do ten procedures a day, so if you do it all day long and that’s all you do, you get good at it.



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